Monday, March 26, 2012

A Song Is Something With Words In It

Or is it? My mother certainly thinks so. Although she can go on and on about instrumentation and vocal timbre, she cares primarily about lyrics. And as a non-native speaker, she has trouble with the anglais, especially when sung with careless abandon. In short, she's sent me several emails that go like this: "I want the words!" All of them? I couldn't be bothered. But then, earlier today, I received another such email. An old friend now living in Buenos Aires told me that he's passed along our songs to several of his Argentine friends and they've asked for the lyrics. "Lots of my Argentine friends use those lyrics websites to learn a song or be able to follow along (helpful for non-native English speakers)," he explained. How can one resist such a charming long-distance request? Therefore, in honor of our many international fans, I've added all of our lyrics to the bandcamp page. Click on whichever song your heart desires to more fully comprehend.

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  1. Excellent!! Muchas gracias desde Buenos Aires!