Saturday, March 10, 2012


the property of being animated; having animal life as distinguished from plant life

The acoustical quality of a live room.

In information security, liveness refers to the transmission of data that is happening now and not a replay of a recording of data sent previously. Liveness is introduced into secure transmissions by mixing in a number that cannot be duplicated again (see nonce). See replay attack.

This is the recorded version of "Commander." The song started as a melody accompanied by three chords on my dinky nylon string guitar. The recording evolved to include several synths, upright bass (Jason Hoopes), cello (William Ryan Fitch), alto saxophone (Jacob Zimmerman), and a sampled beat courtesy of the one and only professional fundamentalist Hassan Nasrallah. As you may be able to tell, we were going for brutal, epic, and possibly disturbing:

This is the live version of "Commander." We recorded it last week. It includes me, Stefan and two synths. We can't be dragging cellos, upright basses, and whatnot with us to gigs, not to mention the talented specimens who play them. So. Liveness. It comes down to this:

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