Friday, September 9, 2011

Carnegie Hall

Here's a little taste of our recent concert at Carnegie Hall. This is a snippet of the song Finish Line. It was an amazing experience. The video's mediocre sound quality does not do the venue justice. What mind-blowing acoustics!

Thursday, September 8, 2011


We make majestic synth pop that fuses the ebullient brilliance of Beyonce with the demonic darkness of Vangelis. We currently live in Oakland, California. As soon as we get a massive record deal, we'll be moving to Brooklyn. Or Berlin. Or Bamako. Anywhere but here.

Zeina's grandfather was a classical violinist with a deep appreciation for Brahms and an unparalleled mastery of over 50 Arabic maqamat. Here he is in 1967 attending a dinner in the honor of the legendary Egyptian singer Umm Kulthoum:

Stefan's grandfather was a Russian-Jewish furrier who fled Moscow for London as a young child. Coming of age in the 1920's, he developed a taste for warm beer and willing women, one of whom was Stefan's grandmother, a wild beast of a lady. Here she is being strangled by her teenage grandson:

The bloke on the right would like very much to kiss Stefan's ear lobe.

There isn't much to say about our music apart from what David Byrne said about it the last time we met with him for a highly orchestrated but fun-filled dinner:

"I’d argue that some ambience does enhance our dining experience [with FEZANT]—and we are prepared to pay extra for [FEZANT releases], as well. I’m not just talking about noise levels, or whether the wait staff is rude or attentive— I’m thinking more about the physical context [of FEZANT]. A re-creation of a country inn or a trattoria in Roma is bogus—it’s bullshit. It doesn’t really make the food any better. It is even somewhat inconvenient (having to have the blackboard specials translated), but I think we have to admit we love [FEZANT]."